Tips for Reading Body Language

The article Eight Great Tricks for Reading People’s Body Language, by Dr. Travis Bradberry, provides a crash course for aspiring deception detectors. Proceed with caution; reading people’s body language is not an exact science and requires years of practice and experience to master.

The best advice for interviewers is to be better listeners and observers. Watch and make note of how your witnesses answer the everyday questions, to establish a baseline for what their truthful answers look like. Build some rapport and establish a comfort level before rampaging into the prickly details of workplace misconduct accusations. Many witnesses enter the interview nervously and defensive. Their body language can be mistaken as exhibiting deception, even when their answers are truthful.

A good interviewer will start the interview by reassuring the witness and reducing their apprehension level. This allows the interviewer to assess the witness’s body language during truthful answers. Be patient. Although this process can lengthen the interview, it often pays dividends later.


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