About Us

What we do …

We match talented and experienced consultants with organizations — to solve a problem, investigate a personnel issue, restructure an organization, develop a team, set goals or a strategic direction, and evaluate key executives.  We are a full-service management consulting firm that helps organizations with their issues of today and to prepare for tomorrow.  Our consultants are seasoned warriors with 20-30+ years of experience managing and leading organizations.  We have technical experts who have served as City Managers, County Executives, Assistant City Managers, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Community Development Directors, Public Works Directors, Human Resources Directors, Parks & Recreation Directors, Utilities Directors, City Clerks, and more.

Our Why …

  • We believe in transformative impact.
  • We believe in delivering high-quality solutions that are practical and poised for implementation.
  • We believe in the power of support and trusted advice to help today’s managers navigate the complexity of their daily terrain.
  • We believe in the power of public service and the imperative need for courageous leadership.
  • We believe in the wisdom of our clients and lean in to co-create solutions with them.
  • We believe in relationships built on bricks of trust, integrity, and empathy.

We strive for excellence as we live these beliefs daily – and, we foster learning when we stumble.  Our clients trust us to deliver and walk with them through tough projects and problems.  We are accountable and responsible and walk towards trouble when needed.

We are your trusted advisors!

Our Consulting Philosophy …

  • Trusted Advisors — MRG prides itself on building long-term relationships with clients who turn to MRG for guidance and expertise. We work as “trusted advisors,” working directly with the leadership of organizations to help them manage their complex organizations and to adjust to change that is constantly knocking on the door.
  • Commitment to Public Service — We have also chosen to focus our work on local, regional & state agencies that are delivering public service to communities. We understand that our clients’ work is important and impactful – and our goal is to help organizations do that work with more grace and better effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Partnership for Impact — As seasoned executive leaders ourselves, we have no interest in writing reports that sit on shelves or are not reality-based for action. MRG works in a consultative partnership directly with management for organizational impact. We see our role as true partners with the leadership team to work productively to help you find solutions for actionable improvements in your organization.
  • Team of Management Practitioners + Executive Leadership Coaches –The key to an organization’s success today is the integration of management control, which creates value (efficiency, effectiveness, empowerment), and leadership of people which inspires change, engagement, and a collective vision. Leaders need to know their leadership style, strengths, and trip hazards plus be open to expanding their leadership competencies and self-awareness. MRG has built a cadre of leadership development professionals that carry coaching and assessment tools to develop individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Strategic Organizational Development — Organizations are complex, multi-faceted organisms that take time and strategy to develop and shape. While employees are focused on delivering services, there is “care and feeding” of the organization, structure, and systems that need to be done to support the workforce, mold culture, and deliver services/mission. MRG brings deep organizational development and human resources experience to help organizations invest in their operations and strategic, hands-on development.

Our History …

In 2009, six colleagues combined their experience and skills to form a new consulting firm to provide cities, counties, and government agencies with professional strategic services. The result was Municipal Resource Group, founded on a shared commitment to create for clients innovative and transformational solutions to leadership, governance, human resources, financial management, and other complex organizational challenges.

The six-member group grew as the firm affiliated with top retired executives, public sector leaders, and leading subject matter experts with decades of experience and in 2014, Municipal Resource Group made a quantum leap to a full-service professional firm of 27 consultants, as cities and counties recovering from the Great Recession reached out for organizational assistance in strategic planning and assessing the status of their workforces.

Rebranding in 2018 to MRG as a reflection of the firm’s evolution to include all forms of local, regional and state government, universities, healthcare, non-profits, and private-sector entities with agencies. MRG’s team of more than 70 affiliated consultants offer their clients an ever-broadening range of expertise. MRG opened an office in the Los Angeles region in 2020 to broaden the number of clients we can assist.

Now celebrating its 15th year as trusted advisors, MRG has provided solutions to over 500 clients all throughout California, Arizona, and Washington. By selecting MRG as your partner, you engage a team that provides immediate impact to your project with fully implementable results.

MRG has invested in long-term partnerships with some of the most capable and knowledgeable practices in areas related to our core services.  Through these partnerships, MRG hopes to offer its clients a greater depth of solutions to the challenges they face.  Whether MRG teams with these practitioners or refers out to them, clients can be assured of great quality and customized solutions that are transformational, achievable, and with practical steps towards implementation.

Some of these partnerships include:
 Claire Laughlin Online:  MRG consultant, Claire Laughlin, has developed her online training space to include: Leadership development, facilitation skills to enhance engagement for mid-level managers, self-management skills that lead to higher personal effectiveness, and teaching trainers.  Claire’s hallmark programs “Coaching For Excellence” and “Building a High Trust Workplace” both have an online presence here in addition to great programs like “BeAnAmazingTrainer” and the “Leadership Book Club”.

Association of California Water Agencies:  MRG has partnered with ACWA to provide its knowledge and expertise to the specific challenges of water districts and hydropower agencies.  MRG has worked with some of the most prominent agencies in California to bring about transformational change in all areas of the business of water delivery. Whether you are a part of a large urban water utility or a small, rural reclamation district, MRG has the tools you need to meet the challenges of today.

Our Commitment to Clients:


“Your steady, results-oriented approach brought us to a resolution in a year of unprecedented change for our organization.”

Curt Aikens
Former General Manager
Yuba County Water Agency


“The quality of work produced by MRG is first class. Their competent ability to work through challenging HR issues in a timely manner is second only to their client service.”

Former County Administrator


“Their consultants have extensive experience and have always delivered exceptional professional services. ”

Jim Estep
Former Lincoln City Manager


“We would highly recommend MRG to anyone needing independent analytical work product that is accurate, reliable and timely.”

Jim Estep
Former Lincoln City Manager



“[MRG provides] a comprehensive approach and innovative solutions to resolve workplace disputes. Employers – both public and private – can benefit from MRG’s practical and skilled conflict resolution services.”

Deborah Maddux
Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corporation