Project Management & Strategic Solutions

Leadership and Strategic Oversight

MRG is an affiliation of subject matter experts in virtually every aspect of public and private service including, human resources, technology, finance planning and community development, parks and recreation and public safety.

Our clients often ask us to provide leadership and strategic oversight of major initiatives such as advance planning for major technology implementation, needs assessments, audit oversight, labor and employee relations master planning.


Representative Finance and IT projects:

  • Conducted fiscal interventions and financial restorations in cities, special districts and non-profits.
  • Managed the creation of budget processes, financial management programs and monitoring systems.
  • Provided on-going fiscal oversight and provided regular financial reports to elected boards and city councils
  • Assisted in the selection, acquisition and implementation of accounting, financial and budgeting software systems.
  • Conducted an evaluation of agency information technology management systems and provided recommendations for updating to current industry standards and offered opportunities to move functions to cloud based providers.


Representative Public Safety projects:

  • Conducted analyses for police and fire entities on the benefits and requirements for joint management, consolidation and dissolution.
  • Assisted in developing the first city to city police services agreement in the state.
  • Provided long-term sustainability and interagency coordination studies.


Representative Community and Economic Development projects:

  • Managed the creation of specific and general plans, zoning ordinances and planning study areas.
  • Managed complex development and entitlement processes for the public and private sector involving multi-million dollar projects
  • Implemented small cell communication system ordinances and regulations, negotiated agreements and provided implementation assistance.
  • Managed long-range development plans for county fairgrounds and non-profit agencies.


Representative Human Resources projects:

  • Managed the RFP Process for a County-wide Compensation Study from initial stakeholder input, development of the RFP, solicitation for responses, selecting the vendor, implementation of the project and progress meetings to ensure project quality and timely completion.
  • Team Audits and Assessments of Departments, Agencies and Divisions. Develop and administer client department or organization-wide customer service surveys for input, review policies, procedures and personnel manuals for recommended best practices. Provide detailed review and strategic action plans for improving department efficiency and resources.


Representative Recreation and Park Services

  • Conducted organizational assessments for municipalities to improve operations, strategic planning and efficient service delivery at a high quality.
  • Conducted analyses of specific subject matter programs and services to assist agencies with forward thinking decision making, standards and best practices benchmarking, and coaching and mentoring.