Human Resources Services

Practical, hands-on analysis and resolution of the myriad of issues that impact California employers

Our team of dedicated professionals regularly assists both large and small employers with the resolution of employment-related issues and problems, and with developing practices and procedures that enhance working relationships. From recruitment and classification to labor and employee relations issues, we have professional consultants available to assess each challenge. MRG will develop or update policies and procedures, and assist in resolving personnel-related issues.  MRG provides clients with professional facilitation, leadership development, and transformational Human Resources services.  Many of our clients rely on us to assess historical processes and provide innovative and practical solutions.  

MRG has over fourteen years experience providing Human Resources services in agencies and understands that each organization is unique.  Our approach is to communicate carefully with each client before we begin any assignment. Gaining a full understanding of client needs and the relevant issues is paramount. The end result is professional, thorough, and of the highest quality.

While we have consultant resources to assist with the administration of the full-range of Human Resources functions, our service-area specialized focus includes:

Organization Support, Advice and Implementation

Recruitment Services

Services Specific to Elected Official and Chief Executives

Organizational Support, Workforce Asset Guidance, Advice and Implementation

Practical, hands-on analysis and resolution of the myriad of issues that impact California employers. Our goal is to identify realistic alternatives and creative solutions to problems, ranging from the basic to complex.

  • Organizational Assessment – Department, division or organization-wide assessments, including identification and analysis of workplace climate, staffing, talent management and succession planning issues
  • Organizational Redesign – Analysis and recommendations made at the department, division, and organizational level, including analysis of staffing levels, classification issues, labor relations implications and cost impacts
  • Classification and Compensation – Development and implementation of classification and compensation systems – Job analysis and preparation of classification specifications, establishment of pay ranges, and review of benefit structures.
  • Personnel Policies – Review, audit and development of personnel policies and handbooks.
  • Performance Management Systems – Development and implementation of performance management systems – Performance management procedures, guidelines, and structures; development of pay-for-performance systems; assistance with performance improvement plans and progressive disciplinary processes
  • Employee Training and Development Programs – Development of formal and informal training programs targeted to address specific organizational needs, including leadership preparedness, supervisory skills, communications, writing skills, and customer service (see our Training and Coaching page for more information).
  • Labor Relations Support – Review of Memoranda of Understanding, organizational goals, and development of labor relations strategies, lead negotiations, closed session support, and training for policy makers
  • Recruitment and Selection Support – Full range of recruitment and selection services, including Executive-level searches, and support for Civil Service-based organizations
  • Reference and Background Checks – Comprehensive reference and background check support for executive, safety sensitive and other key positions
  • NeoGov and CalOpps optimization services – Review and implementation of applicant management systems

Recruitment Methodology

The goal of the MRG recruiting process is to assist employers achieve organizational success by hiring the right people. During the recruitment process we will deliver our best advice and an expert point of view with both our clients and candidates.

Our recruitment strategy is based on:

  • Integrity: We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty, and trust.
  • Respect: We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility, and fairness.
  • Collaboration: We work as a team with our clients and candidates to promote the best outcome for all stakeholders.
  • Commitment: We are committed to assisting our clients in identifying their recruitment goals while providing a consistent methodology to obtain those goals.
  • Communication: We believe that providing periodic updates to both client and candidate during the recruitment process reduces the loss of qualified candidates and allows for timely adjustments requested by the client.

Our recruitment steps include:  Client interview, public outreach, advertisement/tracking, resume review and ranking, preliminary recruiter interview with candidates, panel interview with candidates/rankings, second interview, interview panel selection, candidate background/offer, handoff to organizational HR, and follow-up with client/candidate.


MRG has extensive experience with appointed position evaluation processes.  When conducting an evaluation of a CAO or CEO, we seek to communicate in one voice the desires and expectations of the entire elected body.  This requires that we spend sufficient time to understand each member’s perspective of the appointed official’s performance to prepare an evaluation summary that accurately and concisely documents areas of consensus as well as areas of divergent opinions. The result is an evaluation that permits the elected body and the appointee to know what is going well, areas for further development and a road map to achieve the desired performance objectives.

  • Executive-level Performance Evaluation – Annual performance evaluations of a City Manager, Superintendent of Schools, City Attorney, General Manager, CEO, and other Council or Board Appointed Officers
  • Compensation Review
  • Coaching and support for Chief Executives
  • Goal Setting
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Conflict Resolution


MRG strives to assist Elected Officials to create a culture of effective board governance and to understand their priorities, strengths and challenges.  Retreat topics can include: the role of Elected (vs. staff), working effectively as a body for the benefit of constituents, interacting with staff, campaigning vs governing, building consensus, communications protocols within parameters of the Brown Act, public records requests, how to evaluate the CAOs, policies directly affecting Electeds, new Member orientation, etc. 

  • Board Self-Evaluation and related workshops, including 360 degree feedback
  • Development of Board Conduct expectations and written materials
  • Advice and guidance for elected officials concerning expectations, standards, and training
  • Provide onboarding, orientation and training for newly elected officials
  • Chief Executive transition planning
  • Board Retreats, teambuilding, and strategic planning

“I felt like you really heard us - both before the project start and throughout the project and understood our needs and concerns.”

“After my first talk with Dawn, I knew she was different than any other recruiter. She knew the right questions to ask, made me feel like she was on my side, and genuinely wanted to find the right fit for the organization.”

“Amy's relaxed and engaging facilitating style assisted our new Council in better understanding each other's personal work styles and goals.”

“This is great and exactly the level of analysis and recommendations that I was expecting from MRG.”

“I just wanted to express many thanks to both of you for guiding my performance evaluation...I walked away feeling that a great conversation was had and that I understood where I am serving them well and the areas of opportunity.”

“Thank you for the wonderful learning experience I have had...Due to your advice and recommendations, I discovered my full potential.”

“Claire was very calm and kept the class on track. She really got me thinking outside of my realm of work.”

"I have worked with Mary Egan and Lisa Sullivan at MRG to put together organizational behavior exercises before and they are awesome!!!”