Training & Coaching

Series and Intensive Programs to Shape Leaders

Coaching for Excellence!

This 2-day intensive training program teaches your managers and leaders to engage their employees by using a coaching style of leadership. Proven to be extremely effective for enhancing employee engagement, coaching is a specialized skill that requires both passion and practice.

The Leadership Challenge

This is a world-class, 2-day intensive program that includes 360 feedback and is aimed at the upper level leaders and culture shapers within your organization. Our most popular program among public and private sector executives.

The Art of Management

An 8-part, 90 minutes per session series designed to help your mid- and upper-level managers succeed!

Supervisory Academy

Pick and choose from over 12 individual half-day workshops to create a program of your choice aimed at your entry and mid-level people. Leaders will help them make the leap to leadership and get work done through others.

Being your Best at Work

This 1-day intensive program is designed to accompany the Coaching for Excellence program but aimed at the individual contributors who will be partners in the coaching process.

The Career Accelerator Series

This 8-part series helps individual contributors develop the skills they need to be powerful and positive contributors and move up through your organization. If you are concerned about succession planning and developing your talent pipeline, then this is the series for you!


Our certified executive coaches have “been there, done that” within complex political environments. MRG has experienced and seasoned leaders and students of human behavior. Our background and understanding of workplace conduct expectations, business practices and how to improve organizational culture are important touchstones in our coaching program.   MRG endeavors to have a powerful and positive impact on coaching clients and their organizationsWe are proud of our results and clients who return again and again to seek our support.   

We partner with our clients who seek to grow as managers and expand their influence.  Workplace coaching is a deliberate, regularly scheduled and on-going process intended to enable success, inspire change and promote transformation. The progression involves setting goals, identifying the support and resources necessary to achieve those goals, and regular follow-up.

We use tools and practices including DISC assessments, 360-type feedback surveys and other development strategies to help build client awareness of their areas of strength and areas for growth.  

The larger organizational coaching program also includes our Coaching for Excellence module.  This training and performance management methodology has replaced traditional “check the box” performance management in many of our more progressive clients.  See (Training) for more information. 


Some of our resources include: 

Resources used to build our program include: 

  • Enhancing your Executive Edge by Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston 
  • Quiet Leadership  by David Rock
  • The Happiness Advantage  by Shawn Achor
  • The Power of Full Engagement by Lohrer and Schwartz 
  • Drive  by Dan Pink  


“Claire was great. She kept things moving forward.”

“Claire was amazing – she was informative and action based.”

“Claire was very clear in her directions and controlled the group gently and effectively.”

“Claire did a great job at adjusting to our needs as the day progressed.”

“Claire is gifted – she has the right personality to do this type of work.”

“Claire was very engaging and kept the conversation flowing.”

“Claire was very calm and kept the class on track. She really got me thinking outside of my realm of work.”

"Claire had great energy and movement.”