Scope of the Legal Services Analysis and Report

February 2013 – Tom Sinclair

The City of San Leandro (“City”) contracts with Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson (“Meyers Nave”) for City Attorney services. A Professional Services Agreement was first entered into by the City and Steven R. Meyers in 1986, which has been amended as an Agreement for City Attorney Legal Services with Meyers Nave (“Agreement”) to reflect changing conditions and services.

Municipal Resource Group LLC (“MRG”) was retained by the City Manager to conduct an analysis and prepare an evaluation of legal service options for the City, including the existing legal services arrangement with Meyers Nave, and to provide an analysis of alternative budget and legal services arrangements. The MRG scope of work and this Analysis and Report include:

  • An analysis of the cost of in‐house City Attorney and contract legal services. The analysis also includes an identification of the benefits of in‐house City Attorney services and contract legal services.
  • Review of the existing Agreement, City budget, accounting data, work load data and other information related to the existing legal services arrangement.
  • Review of existing City procedures and protocols for requesting legal services from the City Attorney, the City Attorney’s role and other matters related to the provision of legal services.
  • Research and analysis of comparable jurisdictions’ data and appropriate benchmarks.
  • Research and proposed methods to manage and respond to legal services requests from City staff. Legal Services Analysis and Report City of San Leandro February 2013 Municipal Resource Group 2
  • Provide options to refine the legal services arrangement and Agreement, including City‐initiated requests for and utilization of legal services, retainer/basic level of services, special services and other legal services practices.


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