Valerie Ruxton has 30 years of professional experience in Human Resource administration, overseeing the full range of human resource functions and, over the past five years, serving as an MRG consultant. While she provides clients with support in all facets of Human Resource administration, her area of special emphasis is on policy review and development, and organizational review and analysis.

Valerie practices a holistic approach in response to client concerns and issues, seeking to clearly understand the environment and structure of the organization as well as the initial challenge that gives rise to the request for consulting assistance.

Beyond conducting a “paper review” of relevant documents, she gains an understanding of the human resource operations by engaging with managers, supervisors, and staff who have assigned responsibility to implement the policies, procedures, and services in question. Valerie seeks to address recognized issues and to identify gaps, inconsistencies, conflict, and opportunities for improvement.

Following this thorough review and analysis, Valerie develops recommendations for changes and improvements that support and reflect:

  • The mission and goals of the organization;
  • Current regulatory requirements and restrictions;
  • Improvements or enhancements to identified organizational and operational issues and challenges;
  • Consistency between organizational policy documents, including MOUs, Personnel Rules, and Personnel Manuals;
  • Technological options to enhance effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Current recognized Human Resources best practices.

Over her many years of project engagement, Valerie has developed a well-honed understanding of the challenges and processes associated with changes to operational policies and procedures. Accordingly, she provides guidance and support in both the review and implementation process to ensure that recommendations move beyond the “document in the file” status.

In addition to years of conducting and implementing this type of review and analysis in her role as Personnel Administrative Services Officer in the City of Napa, and Human Resources Manager in the City of Benicia, Valerie has provided these services to clients through MRG.


These clients include: Bennett Engineering, the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District, Mariposa County, the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Santa Rosa, the City of LaQuinta, the City of Rancho Cordova and Redwood City.


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