After 14 months of constant engagement, Mike Oliver and the MRG Team have successfully led the City of Lathrop to implement its own police department.  The project involved the recruitment of 45 police employees; development of a joint dispatch facility with a neighboring city; acquisition and equipping of 16  new police vehicles; acquiring all the related equipment (guns, radios, cameras, in-car computer systems, etc.)  MRG was recognized as a key element of the City’s success and development of the department from its inception.  The City will assume all law enforcement-related activities at noon on June 30th.

Key MRG Team members include:
Merle Switzer—project management & organizational development
Dan Drummond—all services, equipment & related items
Chris Thorsen—law enforcement standards and protocol management
Marcie Scott—management of and participation with all recruitments, onboarding and training
Craig Whittom—budget development, management & reporting

Other MRG Team members include;
Isaac Gonzalez—public relations and information
Mike McDougall—dispatch services
Dennis Kidd—dispatch services
Chris Hill—vehicle acquisition & equipping, radios & related equipment
Tori Hughes—property & evidence facility development

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