Brian Uhler

Safety Services, Conflict Resolution and Project Management

Brian has extensive experience in public safety, including over 10 years as a CA Police Chief and over two years as a Fire Chief. Command-level experiences include SWAT, administration, undercover operations, security services, investigations and community policing. Brian is a committed professional with a proven track record of success, especially in the area of contract/MOU negotiations, dispute resolution/mediation, organizational review, complex problem solving, technology deployments, and team building. He uses sound, strategic, and methodical approaches to efficiently make organizational change for the better.

 With a keen eye toward peaceful resolutions, Brian’s experience in public safety includes being trained as a hostage negotiator and successfully leading more than 30 critical incidents (SWAT deployments) without a single use of deadly force.  As a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco, Brian completed CA certification training for alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Brian has direct experience helping 3 CA agencies achieve major improvements in management/labor relations (on top of day-to-day peacemaking activities in all leadership roles spanning more than 2 decades). Steady leadership in critical, sensitive, or complex matters is a central characteristic of Brian’s career. With focus on protecting the organization, Brian led investigative efforts such as: (1) organized crime, (2) internal investigation, (3) political matters and (4) coordinating regional efforts through task forces. As a Chief, he has personally led sensitive investigations involving elected officials, employees, police officers, and leadership team members.

Brian’s proven ability to develop, deploy, and utilize all forms of security technology was developed while at UCSF, where he had direct responsibility for the security division to include video and access control for a campus community of over 30,000 people. Recent work with ICU Technologies (2020-2021) served to update his experience with the latest technology in this growing arena.

Ever-supportive of training, Brian has ensured staff meet and maintain standards. Whether training/preparing successful SWAT teams, security staff, or police officers, he has been responsible for developing and providing tailored training to ensure emergencies are handled in a way to reflect well on the organization. He has coordinated training events for the U.S. Marshal’s Service, international petrochemical companies, and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Brian has consistently focused organization attention on preparedness and emergency response. This includes overseeing threat assessments/event plans for more than 100 special events, planning for or responding to over 20 civil protests, and serving as an operations commander on five Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activations. Brian holds a CA POST Executive Certificate, has graduated from the FBI National Academy, and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Texas A&M. He has taught incident command to top level executives, and has been a responsible figure for coordinating and improving domestic preparedness capacity in three different organizations. In addition to thousands of hours of classroom training, Brian has a private pilot license and enjoys flying as a hobby.