Stephanie Mizuno

Municipal Elections, Leadership and City Clerk Services

Stephanie Mizuno is a municipal government professional with a full range of advanced municipal clerking expertise that is strengthened with extensive administrative and operational experience achieved during 33 years of service with the City of Sacramento. Stephanie delivered proven results in a demanding and fast-paced political environment utilizing strengths in political acumen, leadership, adaptability, accountability, independent and collaborative decision-making, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, resource utilization, and coaching and mentoring for success.

As a city clerk professional, she makes use of her considerable election expertise combined with a proactive approach to process and customer service to successfully navigate an election from inception to certification. This includes management of statutory requirements and deadlines; candidate nominations; campaign disclosure filings; ballot measures; and initiative, recall and referendum petitions.

In addition to election consulting, she has a broad range of management, personnel function, budget, policy and resource development, customer service, and citizen interaction skills that are applicable to client needs. Her knowledge and experience in these areas, combined with a professional and straight forward approach, is an important part of her effectiveness. She quickly assesses current environments, identifies stakeholders, finds areas for improvement, and clearly communicates assessments and recommendations to clients. She understands the importance of leading teams to success and that building collaborative and trusting relationships with diverse stakeholders is vital to reaching successful outcomes.

Stephanie is certified as an MMC,  is a distinguished city clerk master certification, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and management from the University of Phoenix. She served many years on the City Clerk’s Association of California legislative committee and League of California Cities policy committees. Stephanie is also a trainer for the master municipal clerk academy, which is a certified instructional academy providing advanced clerking and leadership certifications to those in the city clerk profession.