Shirley Concolino

Leadership and Coaching, City Clerk Services

Shirley Concolino provides broad experience in leading teams to success by understanding what motivates people and what is critical in personal relationships to achieve a common goal. It is with a combined approach of understanding the process of reengineering, utilizing technology to achieve those goals, and providing the customer service delivery expected in a 24/7 and self-serve model, that she has established a reputation of excellence. She is certified in Mediation and Dispute Resolution through the University of San Francisco.

Shirley has worked with over 35 elected officials and city managers for more than 35 years, and as such understands and possesses the skill set to effectively work in the political environment while remaining apolitical. Shirley retired as City Clerk of the City of Sacramento, one of four Council-appointed charter officers, being the senior charter officer and the highest-ranking female in the organization. Prior to coming to Sacramento, Shirley held positions supporting elected officials and city managers/county administrative officers in the City of Davis and the County of Solano.

Starting in government service as a public safety dispatcher, Shirley gained not only the technical expertise required for that position but an understanding of the law enforcement culture and dynamics. She has been very involved in a variety of municipal programs. She was an instructor in Sacramento’s City University (CU) program, creating and teaching a highly successful and sought-after class entitled “Success at the Podium.” She served as the City Protocol Officer, Sister Cities Coordinator, and led many task force and project teams. She led the City Clerk’s office in Sacramento to the forefront statewide in terms of technology and service delivery. The program received statewide recognition for agenda management practices and access to government records and legislative documents. Sacramento became the “go-to” city statewide for those wishing to modernize and provide transparency and accountability to their communities.

Shirley is certified as an MMC, a distinguished city clerk Master Municipal Certification, and is past president of the City Clerk Association of California (CCAC). In 2010, she was selected by CCAC as California City Clerk of the Year. Shirley is also active in the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), having taught national seminars. Shirley holds a liberal arts degree from Ambassador College.

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“Great job with the Term Limits item. Very easy to understand. The Council is ready for this topic and we’ve laid out the framework for them to have a robust conversation.”
Jason Holley

City Manager, American Canyon