Robert Brown

Investigative Service

Robert Brown is an investigative professional who brings a unique skill set and over 27 years of experience to clients in both the public and private sectors.

His training and law enforcement experience in conducting investigations that have administrative, criminal, and civil components enable him to serve clients in a diverse capacity.   Retired from the California Highway Patrol, Robert has turned his skills to providing investigative services in a full-time capacity.

Robert’s extensive investigative experience, including PBOR and FBOR, combined with his knowledge of administrative processes and a very personable, professional demeanor, make him a valuable member of the MRG investigative team.

Paralleling his law enforcement career, Robert has been elected to, and currently serves on several community boards and committees. He has led and contributed to strategic planning, finance, and budget management, audits and inspections, personnel evaluation, and policy development. He is a licensed Private Investigator and Qualified Manager.

During his career with the California Highway Patrol, he was selected to serve in several specialized units within the department including special investigator, department training officer, tactical team member, and administrative supervisor at the Regional Traffic Management Center. His professionalism, dedication, and ability to work with every level of command are well documented in the form of commendations and certificates.