Ren Nosky

Workplace Investigations

Ren Nosky is experienced in conducting investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, ethics violations, misuse of public resources, workplace fraud, violence, and other kinds of misconduct in the workplace. He has conducted all forms of personnel investigations, including high-profile and politically sensitive situations involving elected officials, law enforcement, department heads and other high-ranking employees.

Ren, a practicing attorney since 1987, has over 25 years’ experience representing public agencies. He has served as the in-house City Attorney for the cities of Salinas, Stockton, and Santa Clara. While in private practice, he has also served as the general counsel for many other public agencies, including several special districts and other local government bodies.

As an accomplished public attorney, Ren has interfaced with elected officials and executive level staff members on virtually every significant issue that local governments face today. He has also successfully managed several public law departments and been responsible for their efficient operations. Ren retired from CalPERS in June of 2017 and holds a B.A. in Economics and a Juris Doctor from University of the Pacific.