Pamela Sloan

Parks, Recreation and Library Services

Pamela Sloan offers advice and counseling in the areas of Parks, Recreation and Library Services. She is an expert in operations and management and applies those skills, along with 30 years’ experience, when advising her clients in organizational management and department evaluation. Pamela’s specialties in parks, recreation and library services include operations and management, facility management and maintenance, golf operations, park master planning, program development and evaluation, privatization and collaborations, strategic planning, agency accreditation, marketing, department assessment, customer service and advocacy.

Prior to affiliating with MRG, Pamela held positions with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, where she served in a variety of management roles (1975-2004), and the City of Stockton, California, where she was the Director of Community Services (2004-2011). She has been instrumental in the reorganization of both agencies during tough economic times to operate more efficiently and become self-sustaining.

Pamela retired from the City of Stockton and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Recreation and Park Association. As a Certified Park and Recreation Professional for both the California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Pamela serves as an official reviewer for other park and recreation agencies operations through the NRPA Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). She has assisted numerous agencies in accomplishing their accreditation by providing the necessary tools and guidance, not limited to strategic plans, communication plans, marketing plans, comprehensive recreation plans, and organizational management. Under Pamela’s leadership the City of Stockton became the first city in California to achieve NRPA accreditation.

In addition, Pamela has served as the Chair of the NRPA Pacific Southwest Regional Council, the California Park & Recreation Society Legislative Committee, and has presented at the NRPA Congress, Missouri Park and Recreation Association Conference, Southwest Park and Recreation Training Institute and the former NRPA School of Sports Management. She served on the United States Tennis Association Board of Directors and currently is on the Facility Assistance Program team, a grant program to assist park and recreation agencies in tennis court design and program development.

Pamela earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health, Physical Education and Psychology from the Southwest University in Bolivar, Missouri, and a Masters of Education (Administration and Supervision of Athletics and Physical Education) and Education Specialist Degree (Educational Administration-Higher Education) from the University of Missouri.