Nancy Kaiser

Recreation & Parks Services, Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessments, Professional Development, Community Engagement

Nancy Kaiser has over 40 years of experience providing parks and recreation services to communities in Northern California and Arizona.  Her passion lies in strengthening communities through engagement and connecting residents to programs and services.

For over fifteen years, Nancy has provided consulting advice to local recreation agencies and nonprofit organizations.  Recent projects include assistance to communities in developing strategic plans and needs assessments in the areas of services and programs, park development, operations, and resource management. Nancy has also assisted cities with organizational assessments to ensure that staff remains successful in providing high-quality services critical to livable cities. Nancy’s unique background also includes projects and programs that enhance youth and teen relationships with nature and the outdoors, which strengthens community stewardship into the future.

In addition to planning and assessment projects, Nancy has been successful in researching, analyzing, and securing grant funds from government funding programs and private sector funders. She can assist local agencies and communities in exploring alternative funding opportunities, partnerships, and unique collaborations to sustain services or introduce new programs.

Prior to her consulting work, Nancy served as the Parks and Recreation Director for the Cities of Antioch and Oakley.  She created a Parks and Recreation Department soon after Oakley’s incorporation. In this capacity, she facilitated and encouraged community involvement, developed a comprehensive parks, recreation, and trails master plan, managed park development projects, and created a Resource Management Plan to implement quality park and recreation programs. Several of Nancy’s signature programs and services are still provided after 20 years, and they contribute towards a sense of place and community.

Nancy has also served as the Parks and Recreation Director for the cities of Flagstaff, Arizona, and Folsom, California, and the Cameron Park Community Services District in El Dorado County. Nancy was also employed by the East Bay Regional Park District for seven years managing areas of interpretive services and education. Her experience and background are well-rounded; she has worked in county government and state government, as well as served as executive director for regional nonprofit organizations. Nancy has been awarded the Leadership Certificate from the National Recreation and Park Association. 


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“MRG and your personal efforts have made the recruitment process very professional and effective. I have enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best.”
John Hidahl

El Dorado LAFCO