Nadine Levin

Local Government Management

Nadine Levin is an affiliated consultant in MRG’s local government management practice area.  Nadine provides clients with strategic advice and analysis on organizational issues, and she is able to provide practical recommendations and solutions to challenges facing government today.  Additionally, Nadine’s consulting and professional work experience has honed her facilitation and implementation expertise that assists clients in articulating and achieving their goals.

Nadine was responsible for providing local government management consulting services in the San Francisco Bay Area for one of the largest international accounting/management consulting firms.  During her tenure with the firm she was provided opportunities to work with many cities and counties and the States of California and Nevada in providing analysis, assessments, and recommendations to address critical issues.  She was also instrumental in the design and development of new tools to assist her clients in doing capital improvement planning and related financial matters.  Her experience with that firm was preceded by over ten years of direct local government management experience in three agencies.

Nadine decided after several years of successful consulting to return to the area of direct government service and became the Assistant City Manager of Mountain View and shortly thereafter became the Acting City Manager for six months.  Her work in Mountain View was focused both on internal organizational matters and external aspects occurring in the City from a physical, economic development and community basis.

Nadine retired from the City of Mountain View in June of 2010 and since then has served as an Interim City Manager and as a consultant to local government agencies and a public agency collaborative. She enjoys working with elected officials. As a member of ICMA she has earned the Credentialed Manager designation.

In addition to her practical experience, Nadine is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Political Science and of Wayne State University with a master’s in public administration.  Additionally, she has participated in certificate programs at MIT Sloan School of Management and the University of California, Berkeley.  She also holds a certificate in mediation and has completed training in group facilitation.


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