Michele Rodriguez

Community Development and Planning

nMichele provides professional consultation services in the areas of organizational analysis, community development, municipal policy, and project implementation. With a 30-year career in both the public and private sectors focused on aligning Board of Supervisor/City Council goals with employee expectations, and program design and implementation.

Michele provides professional consultation services in executive support including:

  • Consolidation review and Organization restructuring for efficiencies,
  • Workforce analysis and identification of essential employees,
  • Innovative, and experiential program design and implementation,
  • Conducting management and employee evaluations,
  • Improvements in city-wide and department-specific municipal processes,
  • Development and implementation of annual or long-range budget projections and alternatives,
  • Customer-facing improvements, such as phone systems, employee response manuals, IT system efficiencies, and GIS and data info to customer,
  • Strategic planning, such as management retreats, and team-based problem solving,
  • Remote work strategies such as ZOOM use and meeting planning,
  • Leading specialist teams in site survey, architectural, civil, landscape plans and special studies: CEQA, transportation, air quality, noise, archeology,
  • Sustainability and Resiliency policies and programs,
  • Community engagement: webinars, surveys, workshops, and conferences,
  • General Plan, Land Use, Circulation, Open Space Plans, and Code Development and Implementation,
  • Building Code Development, Adoption, and Construction Services
    • Michele served as the Development Services Director for the City of San Pablo, and Principal in Charge of Long Range Planning including sustainability programs for the County of Marin.  She has developed nation-wide first-of-its-kind programs including the first general plan with the overarching theme of sustainability; the Community Choice Aggregation Program; and implementation of one of the first Community Health Elements of a general plan.

      Examples of her past work include Vallco Mall Development Agreement, Marin Countywide Plan, Energy Upgrade California, and implementation of the San Pablo Public Health Element.  Michele has led controversial projects to amicable solutions including creek setbacks, CEQA lawsuits and the PG&E–Community Choice Aggregation lawsuit.  She works collaboratively with multiple entities to achieve outcomes such as the Monte Sereno-Los Gatos- Cupertino – Santa Clara County Hillside Protection MOU.

      Michele earned a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, and Economics from the San Jose State University.  She is nationally certified by the American Planning Association as a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and the United States Green Building Council as a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design.