Lisa Sullivan

Human Resources Services

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Private Investigator
California BSIS PI License 28436

Her diverse experiences during her exceptional 33-year public sector career honed her ability to see across traditional roles and responsibilities and develop innovative yet practical recommendations.

Lisa’s successes include designing and implementing consolidations, mergers, and reorganizations of divisions, departments, and entire organizations maximizing, service delivery and structural efficiencies. She has conducted many years of labor negotiations (as lead negotiator) using individualized strategies to achieve organizational goals and institutional credibility.

Lisa has designed industry-leading and award-winning continuous improvement programs resulting in significant and measurable organizational performance improvements. She is a skilled facilitator and has led many stakeholder groups to consensus on organizational and operational issues.

Lisa has held pivotal positions with the City of Santa Cruz (six years as the Human Resources and Administrative Services Director), Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 (12 years in a variety of key leadership roles), and the City and County of San Francisco (10 years in a variety of upper and operational management positions). She has significant experience in Public Safety and specializes in civilian functions and roles in Police and Fire departments.

Lisa is also a talented private investigator (State of California license #28436). She conducts all manner of workplace investigations: employee misconduct, discrimination/harassment complaints, executive reference checks, and law enforcement background investigations. Lisa’s investigations are professional, independent, efficient, and thorough.

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management with honors and other distinctions from Saint Mary’s College of California.


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