Jeff Meston

FD Organizational Assessments, Coaching & Cultural Change, Strategic Planning, Team Building & Facilitations

Jeff Meston is a 3rd-generation firefighter who is the current Executive Director and past President of the CA Fire Chiefs Association (CFCA).  He is a veteran of 45+ years of the fire service, working for the County, City, Special District, Private Fire Department, Tribal Fire Department, and the State of California Fire Agencies. His talent for seeing “the big picture,” allows him to pinpoint an organizational objective, set goals, and identify priorities to achieve it. He has extensive practical leadership experience in a wide variety of Fire, EMS, and Emergency Preparedness organizations. He is collaborative and participatory in his approach to leadership, and has outstanding interpersonal skills. Jeff can maintain a balanced, objective viewpoint in addressing problems and has proven successful in changing a fire agency’s culture.

During his Fire Service career, Jeff successfully upgraded the volunteer firefighter program in two jurisdictions and implemented the annual master planning session for Northern CA Training Officers, CA Fire Chiefs, Novato Fire District, and South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue. He administered a comprehensive disaster preparedness program that interfaced with the City and the County. Jeff also co-authored and implemented a Career Development Guide that was successfully negotiated with labor in two jurisdictions focusing on succession planning.

As a consultant, Jeff assisted with the development of Promotional Testing for numerous agencies, a Fire Department Master Plans, and completed a study on the delivery of EMS. He facilitated an audit of the Fire Services Master Plans. Jeff served as a Fire Service Consultant for many agencies, including working as a liaison between several insurance companies on wildfire risk. He has developed and field tested the Quality Improvement Program for the State of CA Fire Service Training and Education System. Jeff implemented several cultural change programs and was recognized with an International Fire Chief Association Excellence Award. He also served as the Executive Director of the CA State Firefighter’s Association.

Jeff holds a MPA in public administration and an AS in Fire Science.  He is a California Certified Fire Chief & National Fire Academy EFO.  He has served as President of the Marin County and Lake Tahoe Regional Fire Chiefs Associations.  Meston has served as a course developer and instructor at NFA residency programs and for CFSTES. Meston served as the Acting City Manager for South Lake Tahoe as well as its Fire Chief.  Meston also served on the Board of Directors for FIRESCOPE and has served as the Executive Director for the CSFA. He served as a Deputy Chief working for CalOES Fire/Rescue on a variety of tasks. Meston also serves on the UC, San Diego WIFIRE Convergence Advisory Board, the First Responders Health Foundation Board, the Climate and Wildfire Institute Board of DIrectors and has been consulting in the fire service space for 35 years in fire administration, cultural change, planning, and leadership. Meston was named to the inaugural class of the California Fire Chiefs Association Hall of Fame in 2023.


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“Thank all of you for your hard work and guidance in the process. We feel very positive about our choice and our future.”

Bob Roper

Fire Safe Council