Helena Williams

Professional Development and Investigative Services

Helena Williams is an experienced consulting professional with over 27 years in developing people and organizations, primarily in law enforcement. Her career with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has honed her skills to assist client agencies with consulting services in key areas of executive management and administrative oversight, coaching and mentorship of emerging managers and women leaders, investigative and Skelly officer services, policy development, recruitment program review, and progressive discipline. In addition to her public safety background, she is a valuable resource to organizations seeking to strengthen their management team and culture.

Helena draws her expertise from a broad base of leadership positions and training that includes an appointed position with the Bureau of Cannabis Control Advisory Council which she provided recommendations on the evolving cannabis industry regulations and public safety. She has served as an appointed administrator on a committee to review and recommend improvements in toxicology, investigative techniques, and program management for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). She was selected to serve in several specialized units within the CHP including special investigator, internal investigations, departmental academy instructor, a drug recognition expert instructor, and executive management oversight of statewide canine operations and focused investigative teams.

Prior to consulting and affiliating with MRG, she rounded out her career with positions that influenced local, state, and federal employees and residents in areas such as risk management, peer support, streamlined recruitment practices and hiring, and labor relations with the California Alcoholic Beverage Control as the Chief Deputy Director. She served as a resource board member for the CA Crisis Intervention Training Association. She was a member of the Asian Resources, Inc., Latin Outreach Cohort, and Social Justice and Nobility in Policing Committee to provide agencies and communities with practical insight and seasoned experience to enhance services.

Helena was instrumental and was the project manager in implementing a web-based program to assist Sacramento-based patrol officers and saved the CHP approximately $200,000 in court costs. She was awarded the Departmental Merit Award for the SacJustice portal project. She is a graduate of the CHP Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School Executive Leaders Program and has completed numerous training programs relevant to developing leaders and enriching public safety programs that have transferable applications to public and private sector agency improvements.