Dawn Bullwinkel

Governance, Policy, Process Designs, City Clerk Services

Dawn Bullwinkel makes use of her private sector experiences to improve municipal processes including agenda management, legislative document oversight, overall records management, contract management, recruitment, and more. Dawn’s ability to bridge the divide between business and technical perspectives keeps project teams on point and able to effectively reach defined goals.

Dawn began her government service in 2004 and has worked with multiple cities including the Cities of Berkeley, Sacramento, and South Lake Tahoe to improve administrative processes.  Her knowledge and understanding of current technologies are Dawn’s core strengths; however, her ability to quickly assess current environments, identify areas for improvement and clearly communicate those assessments and recommendations to her clients is an important part of her effectiveness. She provides a broad range of experience in leading teams to success and understands that building relationships with stakeholders at all levels of the organization is important in successfully achieving defined goals.

Dawn has spent many years providing organizations with concise and comprehensive policy and procedure documents, as well as providing employees and customers with a solid framework with transparent expectations. She develops detailed task documents (including video tutorials) to ensure approved processes are completed consistently and meet the expectations outlined in policy and procedure documentation. Dawn also provides recruitment services for organizations including job description development, resume review and ranking, preliminary candidate interview, scheduling of panelist interviews, candidate interview packet creation, panelist interview facilitation, background reference checks, and a debrief process with final materials.

Understanding the political and organizational impacts of change is critical to any project’s success. Dawn excels at clearly communicating cost/benefit analysis to decision-makers and establishes an environment where all stakeholders feel included so they can envision how the projects will have positive impacts on them specifically and their work.

Dawn holds a Certified Municipal Certification (CMC).