How MRG can assist your agency address COVID-19 related issues

MRG consultants are former public agency executives and managers with years of public service experience. Many members of our team led their communities through the Great Recession and other significant fiscal downturns. For the past ten years, we have helped cities and special districts solve complex policy challenges and implement successful programs. We understand that acting early in the face of multi-year revenue impacts from the COVID-19 emergency is critical. Our consultants have the experience to help you address your quickly evolving challenges. MRG consultants do more than write reports…we partner with you to solve problems.

MRG takes a team approach to provide services so we can take advantage of the broad knowledge our consultants have to offer. Our team of MRG consultants has the experience to help your Agency.  Please contact Mike Oliver at 510.915.4376 or or Mary Egan at 916.261.7547 or to discuss your needs.

Here are some ways we can help you now. 

Work at Home & Related Personnel Policies

Revenue & Cash Flow Analysis

Hiring Freezes, Layoffs, Furloughs, & Labor Negotiation

Analysis & Implementation of Potential Cost-Saving Measures

Long-Term Fiscal Planning

Budget Preparation & Fiscal Intervention

FEMA Reimbursement

Assessment & Project Management of Tax Measures

Remote Training & Staff Development

Work at Home and Related Personnel Policies:

Mandates related to social distancing have forced public agencies to quickly implement work at home policies.  Are your personnel policies and practices up to date?  Even when social distancing mandates relax, the practice of working remotely is likely here for good.  We can help you understand how this will impact recruiting, technology, communication, and other Human Resources practices and develop updated policies.

Revenue and Cash Flow Analysis:

We hear from many executives that are very concerned about revenues but don’t know where to start their analysis.  The impact on agency revenues will vary considerably; property taxes, sales taxes, transient occupancy taxes, business license taxes, user fees, and many other revenues will be impacted.  Will your existing reserves and cash be sufficient?  MRG consultants can assess your agency’s revenues, reserves, and cash and provide customized assistance with revenue and cash flow forecasts.

Hiring Freezes, Layoffs, Furloughs, and Labor Negotiations: 

Depending on your agency’s fiscal situation, you may need to implement significant labor-related cost reductions.  We have highly qualified labor negotiators who can evaluate your labor contracts and personnel policies and help you find and implement solutions.

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Analysis and Implementation of Potential Cost-Saving Measures

Maybe you are thinking about contracting out services to save money or sharing/consolidating services with other public agencies.  Or perhaps you are considering reductions in capital spending or eliminating entire programs.  Each of these options has the potential to save considerable money, but also can have significant pitfalls.  We can help you identify the costs and benefits of these potential moves so you can make wise choices, then help implement the cost saving measure.

Long-Term Fiscal Planning: 

One thing we know for sure, the future will not look like the past; we need to plan long-term for the new normal.  Even if your agency is not heavily dependent on revenues that will immediately decline, how will your revenues be impacted 3+ years down the road?  How will changing operational needs impact agency expenses?  We can work with you to look broadly at long-term operations, recommend policies, and help implement changes today that can improve your fiscal situation years down the road.

Budget Preparation and Fiscal Intervention: 

If your agency is facing significant fiscal distress or has key vacancies in your Finance Department, MRG consultants can bring in one or more professionals to provide broad leadership with fiscal analysis, budget preparation, and fiscal crisis management.

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FEMA Reimbursement:  

Is your agency incurring costs that might be eligible for FEMA reimbursement?  FEMA has very specific filing, recordkeeping and reporting requirements.  We can assist your staff to develop and implement appropriate operating procedures and file the required documentation.

Assessment and Project Management of Tax Measures:   

For some communities, a local tax measure will be a medium- to long-term strategy to support community services.  MRG consultants can help assess and recommend revenue enhancement options available to your community.  MRG can also provide project management support to coordinate the feasibility assessment, polling and education campaign resources necessary to implement a successful ballot measure.

Remote Training and Staff Development

Training and staff development doesn’t have to stop when employees work from home.  MRG has experienced trainers with new training models and tools to ensure your staff receives quality development opportunities whether at home or in the office. 

MRG Training Opportunities

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