Claire Laughlin

Training, Development and Organizational Transformation Service

Claire Laughlin, MA, is a dynamic and engaging trainer and consultant who uses experiential and innovative methods to help teams and organizations achieve results.

A highly regarded training expert, Claire has dedicated her career to studying and improving patterns of communication in organizations. She works across various industries, coaching individuals and creating large-scale, global-reaching training programs designed to uplift and support excellence across functions and cultural divides.

Claire brings over 25 years of diverse experience to her role with MRG, having worked with hundreds of organizations—public, private, and non-profit—and thousands of participants through in-person consulting and training as well as the professional development courses she offers online. Claire shares her expertise by offering training solutions for all levels of professional development. With every client, she seeks to build individual leadership potential, teach positive communication habits, and enhance trust among and between team members.

With a master’s degree in Communication, Claire began her career as a college and university communication instructor, soon finding her niche as an organizational trainer and consultant. Claire’s specialties include leadership development, facilitation skills to enhance engagement for mid-level managers, self-management skills that lead to higher personal effectiveness, executive retreats, Working Genius, and teaching trainers. Claire is dedicated to helping clients cultivate practices aimed at making their organizations healthy and highly productive.

Claire is a founding member of the Public Dialogue Consortium, a certified facilitator of the Leadership Challenge and Development Dimensions International, and, more recently, a Master Facilitator for The Working Genius. She uses her expertise to deliver transformative training to individuals and organizations seeking to be the best they can be.

Claire’s Innovative Methods/Programs include…

  • LX EVOLVE – Foundational Leadership Development for Managers & Supervisors
  • BUILDING A HIGH-TRUST WORKPLACE – Strengthen Workplace Relationship for Improved Engagement
  • THE WORKING GENIUS – Identify Genius Traits for Yourself & Team Members, then Do More of What You’re Made to Do
  • COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE – Retain and Support Great Employees Through a Coaching Approach to Management
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE REST OF US – Utilize Professional Project Management Processes without Needing Certification


Listen to what others have to say about working with Claire.

“My UM commented this morning that the teacher must have been really amazing. In all of her years of trainings here, she said she’s never seen a class put so much effort to show their appreciation for an instructor.  I’m glad that showed.  We all have been touched by Claire. She’s amazing………………  and you know how honestly and helpfully picky I can be. 😉”

Suny Williams

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