Christi Mansel

Human Resources, Recruitment, Education Services

Christi Mansel has extensive experience in Human Resource and Governance projects for public and private clients.  She has served as the Recording Secretary and Board Clerk for public agencies and is well-versed in the Brown Act requirements.  She has experience in performing a variety of performance evaluation and management processes.  She is experienced in classification and compensation analysis for both public and private sector clients.  She also works as a concierge recruiter working with organizations to meet their staffing needs by focusing on the distinctive and uniqueness of the team.

Christi utilizes her unique skill sets in marketing and publication design to her work in human resources as she brings visual interest and taps internal motivations when recruiting and communicating for the organization.  She works with client staff to develop efficiencies to make processes run smoother and more consistent with organizational goals and messaging.  She designs tools to delve deep into morale and trust issues to find root causes and bring them to the surface to foster discussion, resolution, and innovation.

In her diverse 25-year career in both the public and private sectors, Christi has put her organizational and analytic talents to use in the areas of education administration and human resources serving as the Administrator of the California Fire Mechanics Academy and Assistant Administrator to the Certified Equity Professional Institute at Santa Clara University.  Both organizations run high-stakes exams for vocational certifications.  Christi also has experience working with utility, public safety, and startup organizations at the board level and across the organization.

At Natural Selection Foods, Christi developed the Human Resources function for a company that exploded in employee count by growing four-fold over one year.  In addition, the seasonal nature of the business required that over 500 employees be onboarded and exited twice a year.  This required maximum efficiency and legal compliance. In addition, Christi served as the Employee Relations Manager and developed unique and creative ways of making employees feel valued even in the seasonal environment.

Christi has her Master of Business Administration with emphases in Agribusiness, Marketing, and Market Research from Santa Clara University.  She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science and Mass Media.  She has worked for businesses large and small, both public and private.