Carmen Valdez

Human Resources Services

Carmen Valdez provides support and human resource services to public and private agencies in the areas of general human resources, classification and compensation, recruitment and testing, policy development, executive search, negotiation preparations and support, performance management, organizational development, discipline, and other employee relations activities.

She is skilled at the development of processes and programs to recruit and retain staff and has recently developed a series of exit interview protocols for several public agencies. She is adept at working with managers to problem-solve their most challenging recruitment issues.

As an experienced HR professional, Carmen assists business owners, managers, and supervisors with complex employee and HR management issues that arise in the public sector and hone their ability to focus on the issues at hand so that acceptable, appropriate, and effective resolutions can be found and implemented.

Recent consulting projects include the City of Vallejo, where she has worked with the City Manager’s office to assess needs and make recommendations on the following areas: staffing needs of the Human Resources Department, Employee Relations and labor negotiation functions, and the City’s administrative policies and procedures.

Prior to affiliating with Municipal Resource Group, Carmen spent over 30 years with the City of Milpitas, a Silicon Valley City of 70,000 residents. In this capacity, she was responsible for collective bargaining, PEPRA, and Affordable Care Act implementation, modernizing Human Resource services to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, revamping the Worker’s Compensation service delivery, and completing a Citywide strategic plan. Carmen also spent 18 months as the Director of Recreation Services.

In addition to her significant experience in the public sector human resources field, Carmen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.


Listen to what others have to say about working with Carmen.

“I need to tell you both there is an overwhelming tide of relief among leadership and managers that have worked with either or both of you, we are so grateful to have your expertise and wisdom.”

Dori Rose Inda

CEO, Salud