Administrative Team

Administrative Management Team

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Andi Stanley | Administrative Services Manager

Andi is responsible for Project Management and Consultant assignments, as well as serving as the Investigation Team Leader, for the Municipal Resource Group organization.

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    Doreen Birchell | Office Manager

    Doreen is responsible for Office Operations including proposal development and contracting, technology functionality, meetings, and executive administrative support for the CEO.

    Administrative Office Team

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    Meagan Bringino | Project Support

    Meagan coordinates all database management. and business license procurement. She administers the website updates and team biographies.

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    Barbara Bullock | Accounting

    Barbara is MRG’s Accountant and processes all ACH requests and distribution of 1099s.

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    Chele Matsumoto | Invoicing

    Chele is in charge of invoice processing, including accounts receivable.

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    Vangelina Segura | Invoicing

    Vangelina assists with client invoicing and project administrative support.