Victor Carniglia

Planning Services

Victor Carniglia brings to his Municipal Resources Group affiliation, a wide range of planning skills and experience, having worked as a planner at the municipal level in a variety of positions and locales. During his career of over 30 years, Victor has had the opportunity to work on virtually every facet of the planning profession, from leading a number of comprehensive General Plan updates, to serving in the planning “trenches” during the various development “booms” that have swept over California in the past decades.

In addition to his wide range of technical skills, which includes relevant education and experience in fields key to successful planning, including civil engineering, landscape architecture, land use law, and environmental regulations, Victor’s focus on identifying and creatively exploring all feasible options and possibilities to ensure a successful project outcome is what sets him apart from other planners with a similar background and career tenure.

Victor began his planning career upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management from the University of California, Davis in 1973, at which time he was hired as a planner by the Bechtel Corporation to assist in designing a new town proposed in the Middle East. After working for Bechtel, Victor was presented in 1975 with an opportunity to join the Peace Corps and travel to central Venezuela to fill a challenging position in a mid-sized city by the name of Acarigua. In Venezuela, Victor worked for two years preparing plans and drafting sewer and water infrastructure systems. Upon returning to the United States, Victor was hired by the City of Santa Rosa as an Assistant Planner. His work in Santa Rosa was followed in 1980 by a position with the City of Irvine, where Victor worked as both an Associate and Senior Planner.

Wishing to return to Northern California, Victor was offered a position by the City of Antioch as a Senior Planner in 1985. He accepted that position and was subsequently promoted to Deputy Director of Community Development for that City. In Antioch, Victor found a long-term professional “home,” where he served a long and satisfying career lasting just short of 25 years, retiring from the City of Antioch in 2009. After retirement, Victor worked part time for Antioch on a number of special projects from 2009 to 2012. In 2012 Victor joined forces with MRG.