Paul Richardson

Planning & Community Development

As the former Planning, Housing and Redevelopment Director for the City of Roseville; Planning Manager for the City of Walnut Creek;  and as a MRG affiliate  since 2013, Paul Richardson provides a wide range of Community Development skills and organizational leadership. Paul has over 35 years of municipal planning and community development experience, including 25 years as a senior manager. Specific client services include:

  • Comprehensive Greenfield Specific Plans
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Development Review Assessments
  • Senior Level Recruitments
  • Ordinance and Development Code Analysis and Revisions
  • Special Planning Studies
  • Development Project Management

Paul provides services to both public and private clients and recognizes the complexities of the modern development process including environmental analysis, site constraint analysis, architectural review, permitting and agency coordination. He understands the development community wants early issue identification and a predictable review process. He takes into account that the community stakeholders expect early project information and access to the public process.  He appreciates the importance of concise reports and effective presentations so boards, commissions and councils can make informed decisions.

Paul oversaw the comprehensive planning process, annexation and development agreements for four major specific plans west of Fiddyment Road in Roseville.  These are complete communities providing a full range of infrastructure and services for 19,000 new residential units with associated schools, parks, open space, bike trails, shopping, jobs and funding mechanisms that will be home to 50,000 new residents over the next 30 years.

Paul has also used the specific plan process to guide downtown revitalization efforts both at Walnut Creek and Roseville.  Using specific plans with citizens and stakeholder advisory groups, these plans have broad community support and minimize entitlement risk for developers.  

Paul received a B.S. with honors in City and Regional Planning from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1981.