Chris Romero

Transportation Demand Management

Chris Romero is the Program Manager for the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village. She manages the day to day financial and support operations of the Transportation Demand Management and Child Care programs.


  • Manages day to day operations of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs including;
    • Public transportation subsidies
    • Carpool incentives
    • Bike/Walk to Work incentives
    • Guaranteed Ride Home program administration
    • Monitors and audits Clipper sales of public transportation sales
    • Green Fleet coordination and compliance
  • Manages the operations of the Contra Costa Centre Child Care program including;
    • Program application processing and verification
    • Monthly distribution of participant subsidies
    • Audit and verification of program participants
  • Creates marketing materials for Transportation Demand Management programs that encompass;
    • Transportation Demand Management communications
    • New hire orientation PowerPoint presentations
    • New hire TDM information packets
    • Write and submit articles for weekly TDM newsletters
  • Financial management of $1 million portfolio
    • Financial and budget planning
    • Clipper audit trail recording and reconciliation
    • TDM and Child Care account payables and receivable processing

Professional Affiliations


  • Association of Commuter Transportation

Past Member

  • Certified Relocation Professionals