CEO Evaluations

Providing Tools to Ensure Effective Boards

One of the most critical responsibilities of an elected or appointed Board is to provide direction and feedback on the performance of their chief executives. Boards that speak with one voice in providing direction and feedback to their employees experience enhanced outcomes.

MRG supports elected and appointed Boards with this challenging task. We have conducted over 100 evaluations for executive leadership including City Managers, City Attorneys, County Appointed Officials, Superintendents of Schools, District General Managers, University leadership, and nonprofit and Corporate CEO’s.

Our methodology includes in-person meetings with the appointed official, each Board member and the Board as a whole. We use on-line technology tools and 360 feedback elements to complement the process. MRG partners with clients to ensure that the vision of the Board is properly communicated, and that the Chief Executive has the necessary tools and information to be successful.

When, on rare occasion, it is necessary to transition the Chief Executive, we often work with all parties to help facilitate a graceful separation and a smooth transition.