Barry Bar-El

Organization Development

Barry Bar-El is an Organizational Development Consultant with expertise in coaching and mediation. He is an engaging and trusted facilitator and educator who brings enthusiasm for empowering others to achieve excellence.  As a practitioner for over 24 years, he has effectively transformed concepts and ideas about organizational improvement into key strategic projects that impact business outcomes, including large-scale organizational change and employee-led process improvement projects that focus on increasing engagement.

Barry designs and leads interventions including goal setting and strategic planning that result in successful organizational outcomes and promote effective collaboration. He guides cross-functional teams in “barrier busting” through building and strengthening horizontal and vertical relationships within traditional organizational boundaries.

Barry’s consulting engagements focus on guiding leaders to better understand individual, team and organizational issues and perspectives using diagnostic tools including surveys, interviews and focus groups. This involves providing support for leaders to achieve insights and improve interactions with their teams and clients while increasing their confidence. Following a comprehensive initial assessment, Barry utilizes customized individualized coaching, 360-degree feedback and other certified assessments (such as DISC, MBTI and SDI) that help identify communication preferences and facilitate key conversations.

Barry is also an experienced process improvement facilitator and his work in this area has been featured as part of a national initiative to Transform Care at The Bedside; a hospital-wide process to engage clinical and non-clinical staff in improving patient care. He is certified as a Prosci change practitioner and has designed and implemented organization-wide employee engagement, culture and leadership feedback surveys contributing to improved employee engagement and retention.

Barry’s clients are wide-ranging – from healthcare systems to county and municipal governments to housing authorities and nonprofits. Barry’s clients consistently highlight his authenticity, his ability to build trust as well as appreciating his passion for helping people grow and succeed. He possesses a comfortable and accessible consulting approach that quickly and effectively builds strong relationships with leaders and employees at all levels.